Kerala's pioneer mental healthcare establishment

Since 1984, enriching the lives of the needy.

A place of healing

Nair’s Hospital has been providing holistic psychiatric care since its establishment in 1984. In its 34 years of dedicated service, the hospital has played a positive role in changing the stigma associated with mental illness. Through an integrated approach, many thousands suffering from mental disorders have been shown the pathway to a normal life. 

It has the best of professionals who have extensive training and practice in core sub-specialities of psychiatry and mental healthcare such as adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and deaddiction medicine. Supported by a professional team of clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers and psychiatric nurses with over 2 decades of experience.

Through a complete spectrum of inpatient and out patient facilities, the hospital ensures the continuity of care necessary for successful treatment and a healthy recovery. Today, the hospital has a 40-bed inpatient facility to provide psychiatric care to patients of every age and status.

Managed by a panel of 3 psychiatrists and assisted by an experienced team and state of the art facility to treat all kinds of mental disorders, Nair’s Hospital has emerged as a pre-eminent institution in mental health. We don’t just conduct ‘speciality’ clinics or ‘counselling clinics’. Instead the focus here is on holistic therapy based on individual assessment and tailor made treatment which includes pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and other modes of treatment.

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